Winter in the Gers

Every year, we find that it is relatively easy to rent Bernis for the summer. Come Christmas and New Year and the end of the festivities, we notice the bookings for the summer come in. Perhaps it’s at this chilly time of year when people need to look ahead to the summer months and visualise their summer holiday!

We have noticed, however, that Bernis seems to be less attractive to winter holiday makers which is a shame. So, I’ve decided to put this to rights and highlight a couple of lovely wintery Bernis must-dos.

What to do…

Winter in the Gers is a time to light the fires in the fireplaces – there are three in the house. There is one in the kitchen which makes the atmosphere very cosy. There is another in the lounge for those snuggling on sofas catching up on some holiday reading / watching a favourite movie / playing a board game. And, there is a third in the dining room to accompany those long, delicious Gersoise meals. The rest of the house has a warm ambient temperature due to the warmth generated by the pellet burner system.

If you’ve had enough of relaxing by the fire and want to explore the local area during your visit to Bernis, there’s nothing better than Gersoise dining especially during the winter months. Have a look at our list of favourite local restaurants and indulge knowing that you can very easily take a brisk walk after lunch to burn off those extra calories!

Out and about local to Bernis…

We like to take a walk in the local fields or walk along the dam wall near Saint Blancard. It offers a beautiful view to the mountains on clear days. One thing we’ve noticed is that the mountains tend to be clearer during the winter months. The cold seems to better outline the mountains. It’s chocolate box picture perfect stuff!

If you’re tempted to see the mountains from closer, you could always take a day trip to enjoy them. They are after all only an hour and a half away. From time to time we do a day trip to St Lary to ski or sledge and it works well especially if you leave early and make it a full day on the slopes.

Another fun day trip in the winter is to the Balnea warm baths. It’s an experience as the water is warm and yet, you are surrounded by the mountains and the snow. You can hop out into the cold and then hop back into the water to warm up. Children are welcome here although some areas are reserved for adults to ensure the peaceful atmosphere. Have a look at their site for more information.

A winter holiday in the Gers might not be all that a summer holiday is, but it can offer time to recharge, time to reconnect with family and friends over board games or delicious meals, time to indulge… Time in the Gers is a lovely thing – summer, winter, autumn or spring!

Maison Bernis is available for holiday rental year round.

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