Corporates and start-ups in Copenhagen

An impressive new building for the home of hiveonline

Today I visited G’s work space at hiveonline. The company has recently moved to a new co-working space with Rainmaking. It’s an awesome building and there were a good number of people in attendance. What’s more, the presentations were informative and interesting.

The space is a home for both corporates and start-ups which is a new development; corporates and start-ups traditionally being physically and perhaps, ideologically independent, even diametrically opposed to each other.

Now, the idea of working in silos is outdated and it’s recognised that both corporates and start-ups have something valuable to offer each other. Start-ups can benefit from the established nature of corporates and potentially tap into their resources and well, corporates can benefit from start-ups’ innovation and speed. My inclination is that corporates have realised that they might well be left behind if they don’t actively do something. So, they are coming to the table before it runs away! Continue reading “Corporates and start-ups in Copenhagen”