One year into our French adventure…

It has been a year since I last sat down to write about our lives in France. I can’t believe that a year has passed. There was the very wet, very, very long winter (when inspiration was in short supply) and a beautiful summer (when the boys had two months off school and I didn’t sit down much at all!) It’s a good thing Gavin has been posting in the interim!

So, a year on, I find myself back at my computer with the best intention of writing more regularly. In some ways, not much has changed. We still have building works and await the installation of the two downstairs bathrooms. But, in other ways, much has changed. Possibly the greatest indication of that change is that we have a little black and white kitten called Mog. (Name chosen by Rohan and based on “Meg and Mog” by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski)

The adventures of our cat, Mog…

Growing up, my sister Maryanne had a cat that insisted on bringing de-tailed lizards into the shower room. Needless to say, I was not a fan and I just did not see the point of a cat. Now, I love to see Griffon and Rohan playing with Mog. When she first arrived she was wild and the boys understood her to be small and afraid. They would sit near her hiding place “reading” to her patiently. Now, they see that she is playful and respond by making various mobiles for her to swot and by keeping a running commentary of what she is up to.

Not too long ago, Mog climbed into the engine of the car and stayed there for our half hour journey to a nearby restaurant.  The restaurant is outdoors – the kitchen in an old catering caravan and the tables and chairs in the garden. After our main meal, Rohan needed his nappy changed so Gavin took him to the grass near the cars and just when Ro had his little bottom exposed, he saw Mog! “Here Mog, Mog!” Very soon the two resident dogs had spotted Mog too. The dogs chased Mog and Gavin chased the dogs while Ro continued his “here Mog, Mog!” Fortunately Mog went in the direction of a barn and Gavin managed to close the door, keep the dogs out, change Rohan and then retrieve Mog.

The greatest change from being in London? We’ve all learned to be more patient – with ourselves, with others, with the seasons, with the French building process… And, we have Mog to prove it!

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