Local markets for fresh fruit and veg

One of our favourite things to do in France is to enjoy the local markets – we love to head out early and breakfast on fresh croissants and coffee and then take in the colours, tastes and sounds of the market. The fresh fruit and vegetables and locally produced cheeses and breads make a delicious addition to our weekly fare.

Local markets INCLUDE:

Samatan on a Monday

Samatan is a 20 minute drive from from Bernis. In the summer, the market is extensive and I find it can be overwhelming if you need to keep track of little people in amongst the crowds. In the winter, with fewer people, I find it more enjoyable. That said, the summer atmosphere is awesome.

There is also a traditional animal market in the large hangar. It is a part of the way of life here – chickens and roosters and rabbits and ducks and farm animals of all descriptions are bought and sold here.

Boulogne sur Gesse on a Wednesday

Boulogne sur Gesse is our favourite market as it is close by and there is a little waffle caravan. The children love to enjoy a waffle there! We’ve also found our favourite places to buy all we need here and know the various producers which is lovely. What’s more, from time to time, the children raise money for school outings by selling cakes at this market.

Saint Gaudens / Auch on a Thursday

Both Saint Gaudens and Auch are about 40 minutes from Bernis and are larger towns. Both have their market along their respective rivers. Auch is more scenic although both towns are worth a visit.

Seissan on a Friday

Seissan has two little coffee shops on either sides of the road and I like to have a morning coffee there. The local investment into the roads and pavements make this a lovely setting.

Simorre on a Friday night

There is also an evening organic market in Simorre, about 15 minutes from Bernis, on a Friday evening from 16:00. This market is smaller than the others, but it has a lovely atmosphere especially in the summer when you can’t resist an end-of-week glass of wine outdoors at the “Bouche a oreille”. This restaurant hosts jazz evenings so your weekly shop could potentially morph into something far more interesting…

I’sle en Dodon and Castelnau Magnoac on a Saturday

These markets are in picturesque villages. The Saturday atmosphere is lovely with more families out and about together

Whichever market you happen to choose, it is bound to be more interesting than shopping at one of the “grandes surfaces” as they call large grocery stores  in France. Boring!

For more markets in the area please visit: http://www.frenchmarketdays.com/gers-32/gers-32/

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