An awesome family time at Green Camp, Bali

After a fun time at the beach we made our way to Green Camp near Ubud.


When we arrived, we were assigned our yurt and settled into our new accommodation. The boys were very happy to be on bunk beds. Gav and I both opted to be below with G and R clambering up to the top bunks of the bamboo bunk beds.

In fact, most of the structures at Green Camp and at Green School are made of bamboo; such beautiful buildings and there’s an impressive and beautiful bamboo bridge too. Bamboo takes four to five years to reach a size appropriate for use in buildings which is why it is a preferred over palm and other trees as a sustainable building material.

Themed days – coconuts to start

We quickly settled in and had lunch with the other families and in no time at all we were scooting up a coconut tree! Each day was assigned a theme with day one being the coconut tree.

This was awesome as I had just done some research and could verify my findings. I can add that the local palms take between 25 – 35 years to reach maturity, that there are about 2,500 species of palm trees and that dates, betel nuts and acai fruit all come from palm trees.

So, we climbed the coconut tree! It was amazing seeing the little ones reach the heights. (very high!) R clung as if he were a little koala.

The following days themes ranged from bamboo to earth to chocolate! And highlights included mud wrestling in a real mud pit, zip-lining through the trees at the Bali botanical gardens and traditional Balinese drumming. On the last evening, we made shadow puppets and celebrated the week with a party. It was awesome to spend the time with the families we had met and we were all a little sad to leave the following day.

I was wondering how on earth we were going to continue the adventure after such a high, but fortunately we were given a wonderful lead (thanks Michelle!) and the boys started at the Yellow Coco Creative Nest last week. And we started our yoga! The adventure continues!

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